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of israel, even though he voted many times to send billions of dollars in u.s. financial aid. >> i will do my best for our country and those i represent at the pentagon, and for all our citizens. a john brenan is a long time administration officials spent 25 years in the cia. >> if confirmed as director, i will make it my mission to ensure that the cia has the tools its needs to keep our nation safe and that its work always reflects the liberties, the freedoms, and the values we hold so dear. >> no brennan. >> but he's controversial. he's been the public face of the administration's defense of the legality of drone strikes, something the president acknowledged. >> he understands we are a nation of laws. in moments of debate and decision, he asked the tough questions and insists on high and rigorous standards. >> four years ago, john brenan had to pull his name from consideration to be cia director because liberals did not think that he had done enough to dissociate himself from the bush administration interrogation policies. now his nomination and that of chuck hagel are going to raise new
it a brazen attack on international law. what is unclear is what israel was targeting. israeli warplanes attacked a convoy of trucks traveling across the border of lebanon. nicole johnson is live in jerusalem. the reaction is coming in from this incident. >> that is right. we have had a response from hezbollah. it has condemned the attack inside syria, saying it is a dangerous act. we also heard from russia, which said it will be taking urgent action to clarify what has happened. there is still a great deal of uncertainty. the u.s. navy is reports in israeli officials spoke to u.s. a administration officials and informs them they are planning and carrying out an attack on an arms shipments said to be carrying russian missiles destined for hezbollah. if those missiles were surface- to-air missiles, that would be a game changer. it would make it difficult to carry out air operations in northern israel as well as southern lebanon. the israelis are concerned about this. they are concerned about the transfer of chemical weapons from syria to hezbollah and to other groups inside syria and leba
years. if we don't find a solution, it's only going to get worse. i keep hearing the opinion that israel has too stay strong in a region that is changing rapidly. some put it in stronger terms than that. i've come to the he brew university of jerusalem to look at the platforms. one is bennett who shot to prominence during the campaign. he heads the jewish home party. he's drawn some voters away and polls show hoe could end up with a 1/3 end of the share vote. the momentum is a hard-liner when it comes to palestine. >> i believe time only one and our peter is the only party on this podium that opposes sounding a palestinian state between the mediterranean and jordan. bennett sees himself as representing the middle class. his far right position could put strain on netanyahu's foreign relationships. >> bennett annoys me this student tells me. lots of people are impressed with him he portrays himself as though he embodyies the original israel but when you look closer at his party's outline, it's not clear. whenever things get hard, there's a tendency to look to the right. it doesn't matter i
for republican senator chuck hagel, fellow republicans have criticized him for views on iraq, iran, and israel. then, the steubenville rape case in ohio. >> we are anonymous. around mid august 2012, a party to present a small town in ohio known as steubenville. [indiscernible] kidnapping and rape of a 15- year-old girl. >> the hacker activist group anonymous has helped expose new details about a horrific high school gang rape case involving football potyers in ohio. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. up to 18 people have been killed in the latest u.s. drone attacks on pakistan's tribal areas. the strikes hit what pakistani officials described as separate compounds belonging to the pakistani taliban in south missouri stan. the taliban commander was reportedly among the dead. the ongoing drone attacks come days after a federal judge ruled the obama administration is under no obligation to publicly disclose their legal justification. the american civil liberties union and the new york times had filed a lawsuit und
>> one of the first to cast the vote in israel's election. you're watching "al jazeera." we meet a boy who feels betrayed by the world. the u.n. intervenes in the south china seas. police officers in mexico say they have had enough. israelis are voting in their general election. binyamin netanyahu is a clear favorite to win another term in office. we're covering the election for us of there. is it shaping up? .> we're in west jerusalem there have been a steady trickle of voters coming and. sraelis are is re eligible to vote. it looks like to be a good turnout. the question is to what extend binyamin netanyahu can claim a mandate for victory. prime minister binyamin netanyahu casting his ballot. >> want them to succeed. >> he has a commanding lead in all polls. there are new kids on israel's political bloc. >> he is trying to make this campaign a personal campaign on his ability to be the prime minister. yes or no? specific questions about policies. >> the votes have been dominating the headlines. the likud party ran on a single ballad. have lost support to this man. they appealed
nebraska. some conservatives say he is not strong enough supporter of israel, even though he voted many times to send billions of dollars there. >> i will do my best for our country, for those i represent at the pentagon, and for all of our citizens. >> john brennan is a long time administration officials who spent 25 years in the cia. >> i will make my mission to ensure the cia has the tools it needs to keep our nation safe and that its work always reflects the liberties, the freedoms, and the values we hold dear. >> but he is controversial, too. he has been the public face of the legality of drone strike spread >> he understands we are a nation of laws. in moments of debates and decisions, he asks the tough questions and he insists on a rigorous standards. >> four years ago, john brennan had to pull his name out of consideration because liberals did not think he had done enough to dissociate himself from the bush administration interrogation policies. now this nomination and not of chuck hagel are going to raise new questions of the direction in which president obama wants to take the
is necessary. >> israel's prime minister and his right-wing bloc has done worse than expected in parliamentary elections. benjamin netanyahu is coming victory. now he has to negotiate with other fiscal parties to form a broader coalition. >> i am proud to be a prime minister and i thank you for giving me the opportunity for a third time to leave the state of israel. it is a big honor, but also a big responsibility. the election gives us an opportunity to make changes that the people of israel require. >> us take a closer look at the leading parties and were the standouts -- let's take a closer look at the lee present where they stand now. -- let's take a look at him the leading parties and where they are now. a surprise newcomer has made the biggest impact, winning the second largest share with 19. tom has more details on the coalition options. >> newton yahoo! post jaundice to call on his allies on the challengeetanyahu's now is to call and his allies on the right and the party that says the settlements in the west bank are getting too many resources at the expense of the poorer parts of the
year pushed fatah forces out of the strip. hamas has always taken a harder line against israel, while fatah took part in peace talks. after years of bitter rivalry, relations have improved somewhat. fatah, controls the west bank, allowed hamas to hold several rallies there as a goodwill gesture. >> we need to focus on ending the occupation. fatah can claim it has the biggest support. hamas can do the same. we need to move in the direction of ending the occupation. >> both groups are celebrating what they consider as recent gains against israel. fatah sees the recent upgrading the the of a status at the u.n. as a diplomatic coup. the mood is one of defiance against israel. >> today is when the palestinian revolution started, and the palestinian freedom started, and the military resistance started. it is a cheerful day for all the palestinian people. >> leaders on both sides made cautious gestures of reconciliation, with fatah and the palestinian authority members giving a recorded address. supporters used to be more likely to attack each other than celebrate together. the fact that ham
with israel. he says israel is ignoring the palestinian issue because it does not threaten their security. >> attempts to put the \ palestinians down and restrict their movement. all of this is not costing them much. >> one party on the right that is talking about the occupation, its leader, says he will propose that israel gets 60% of the west bank. >> he is expected to win the election. >> he can get israelis whatever they want without any threat. they can do whatever they want with total impunity. >> they are divided by the separation wall. some people believe that is why the occupation is not an election issue. >> they do not have to think about dealing with it because they have the army taking care of it. >> while israel prepares for the election, it controls the larger palestinians in the occupied territories. that is one issue politicians believe -- >> the slightest promises the government is not committing to reform. >> they say they are praying for stability. the muslim brotherhood is boycotting the does the government refuses to change a law they say is unconstitutional because
is coming to us out of israel where there are reports of an explosion in a car, and that has happened near the israeli defense ministry in televisa. this is according to the afp news agent -- news agency. an explosion of a car near the defense ministry. more as it becomes available to us. that weather has stopped a group of iranians who are being held in syria from heading home. the 48 men were released wednesday during a prisoner swap with the syrian government. they were expected to fly back thursday but the airplane could not take off because of a fierce storm hitting parts of the middle east. the iranian foreign minister is in egypt to discuss the conflict in syria. will also hold talks with president mohamed morsi. cold weather also making life even tougher for the thousands of syrians living in northern iraq. but despite the suffering and hardship, many refugees are finding it a place of opportunity. >> cold, tired, and waiting to register as refugees. they are the latest to arrive in the kurdish region of northern iraq some are too scared to talk. others are too young to understand
of defense. he has been criticized for opposing israel -- opposing strong action against iran. obama has also nominated john brennan to head the central intelligence agency. we cross over now live to washington. what more can you tell us about obama's pics? -- picks? >> john brennan is truly an insider. he has 25 years of counterintelligence experience. he has been a trusted advisor for the republicans and the democrats. he is very much trusted by obama. it is said that he only needed to raise his hand if he wanted the job, and, apparently, that is what he did. he he supported the so-called enhanced interrogation technique, most commonly known as waterboarding, back under the bush administration am a but that should not keep him from being nominated -- bush administration thomas but that should not keep him from being -- back under the bush administration. that should not keep him from being confirmed. he is a real vietnam veteran, chuck hagel. that is not what is controversial about him. he is a very outspoken politician. he was a republican senator, but it is the republicans who do not like
the children to go up with a father and mother. still ahead, why more protest camps are planned despite israel's the victim palestinian activists from their west bank and. beijing goes off the charts. how long will it and hang around a? >> the french military says it is affecting the stronghold of gao. egypt court of appeal has ordered a retrial for a hosni mubarak and his security chief. they were convicted of failing to prevent the killing of hundreds of thousands of protesters. survivors have gathered for the anniversary of the costa concordia disaster. fighting continues around army bases and airfield in the northern city of aleppo. they have also gone suburbs of in damascus. pictures showed the aftermath of air strikes on the eastern suburb. at least nine people were killed in that attack. forces reportedly targeted [inaudible] . palestinian activists are threatening to pitch more tens decimated for israelis. that is of -- that is despite their addiction. palestinians want to establish an independent homeland in the west bank and gaza with east jerusalem as the capital. the plan is early
polite. >> the popular committees don't reject violence in what they call their resistance to israel, but they do see the new tactic as crucial, and one that is missing among the infighting of palestinian politics. it must have struck a nerve. israel's supreme court was willing to allow it to go on, but the prime minister put a stot to it. >> an skwlotion has killed seven afghan villages -- an explosion has killed seven afghan villagers. they tried to put -- pull the bodies. a roadside bombing has killed as many as 17 soldiers and injured 2 it more. a pakistani cleric who spent years living abroad in canada is stations what he calls a long march to islamabad. he is calling for sweeping reforms to end scruppings and social in-- corruption and social injustice. protests over 96 shiah muslims is spreading across the country. people have taken to the streets in several cities. families of the victims have vowed motte to bury their bodies until the government promises to protect them from the sectarian attacks. >> police have arrested six men for abducting and raping a 26-year-old woman.
will be the ones who determine who loyally represents the state of israel's vital interest. in the past four years we have faced tremendous pressures. i shall continue to protect israel's vital interests for the sake of the security of israel's citizens. >> despite talk of a rift between president obama and prime minister netanyahu, obama has yet to take any action on one of the most controversial settlement expansions by the israeli government in years. israel is now expanding the e1 settlement after objections were raised under george w. bush. the zone is particularly sensitive because it would completely bisect the west bank, dashing with a remote hopes remain for two-state solution. the obama administration has refused to cut aid or even offer criticism, limiting its reaction to calling the expansion "counterproductive." new details have been revealed on the obama administration's weapon sales to bahrain after -- during the ruling monarchy's ongoing crackdown on opposition protesters. the website propublica reports the u.s. has sold weaponry including ammunition, combat vehicle parts, communic
is set to begin on thursday. israel says it has completed the main segment of its fans along the border with egypt. the prime banister said -- minister said there aren't serious about keeping out immigrants and foreign fighters. -- they are serious about keeping out immigrants and foreign fighters. some veterans are being forced to leave their tents and move their herds. -- bedouins are being forced to leave their tents and move their herds. more now on the series looking ahead to the big events of 2013. iranians will go for new president. mahmoud ahmadinejad is not allowed to stand for a third term. his lead to mass protests and a deadly crackdown. the economic crisis could be the driving force of change. he believed the promise of economic prosperity. that was in 2009. he never delivered. >> i don't earn enough to live. we had a better life for years ago. we see rents go up every year. the price of food rises but our income does not. even well off people are not happy and complain about the economy. >> high inflation means bread costs three times as much as it did. timesl is out to se
have to stay here for a longer period of time the >> israel is preparing to remove palestinian pro pecttors by force from a tent city in the left bank. in the meantime it's shut off roads leading to the wind swept area of course east jerusalem in the area known as e-1. they had said they wanted to establish on the ground. >> and temperatures are so high in australia that they have melted roads. it has made conditions difficult for the fire fighters battling blazes there. this prort -- report from south of sydney. >> it's been the week large parts of australia burned. from southern tasmania to north of brisbane there have been hundreds of fires drinken by winds that even by australian standards have been extremely hot. these are some of the firefighters fighting them. this one is of thousands of volunteer firefighters pulled away from normal life. >> usually working in the kitchen. get pulled out of this and i'm fighting these blazes. >> in this area ats -- it's all about containment. so large and inaccessible is the area, the firefighters don't even attempt to put it out but rather
the u.s. and israel. president obama arrived back from hawaii, ready to get back to business. he is looking for a bipartisan pay. he is also looking for a fight. republicans would have none of susan rice because of the way she handled the been gauzy situation. -- been gauzy -- benghazi situation. if you wish to vote against him, hats off to you. mitch mcconnell has been appearing on sunday broadcasts. agel comesen chuck hege up, he will be given tough but fair questioning. >> an indian court will read out charges of five men accused of the game rape and murder of -- gang rape and murder of a student. they will also be charged with kidnapping and robbery. the 22-year-old woman died of her injuries in a singapore hospital last week. protests and vigils are continuing to deal with sexual assault. a father of the victim has denied he wanted to be named. several said the identity should only be relieved -- revealed. indian law bans the identification of sex crime victims. our guest joins us from the bureau in new delhi. it is good to have you with us. do you think the victims should b
faced criticism from rightwing foes over his positions on israel and dealing with iran, as well as from progressive critics for making day -- denigrating comments in 1998 about gays in government, for which only recently apologized. some democrats have joined republicans in opposing him over his refusal to back unconditional support for israeli government policies. on monday, the ranking democrat at the house foreign affairs committee, eliot engel of new york, said he believes chuck hagel has a tictac endemic hostility toward israel." brennan was a rumored pick for the job when obama was first elected in 2008, but was forced to withdraw from consideration amidst protests over his role at the cia under the bush administration. brennan has publicly supported the cia's policies of so-called enhanced interrogation techniques and extraordinary rendition, and was a key proponent of drone strikes in obama's first term. as his nomination was announced, the activist group codepink gathered outside the white house in protest. in a nod to the potential opposition he faces with hagel's nomination,
activists from returning to the side of a dismantled encampment that challenged israel's ongoing settlement expansion in the west bank. on tuesday, israeli forces used stun grenades to stop a group of around 50 people seeking to re- pitch tents they had erected. it was in the so-called e1 settlement zone. it marked the activists' first attempt to reclaim the site after israeli forces raided them over the weekend read the construction had largely been put on hold following u.s. objections dating back to president george w. bush. but israel resumed work there last month in response to the u.n. vote recognizing palestine as a nonmember observer state. the obama administration has refused to pressure israel for building -- for a building halt, limiting its reaction to calling the e1 expansion "counterproductive." clashes also erupted in the occupied west bank tuesday at the funeral of an unarmed palestinian teen killed by israeli troops. 17-year-old samir awad was shot multiple times as he tried to walk away from israeli soldiers to the israeli separation wall that carves up the west bank. sami
doors. hungary has been sanctioned for anti-semitic behavior by supporters at a friendly against israel last year. bulgaria was punished for racist fan behavior in a match against denmark. well, severe winter weather has caused travel chaos in turkey, and urologists say there is more snow in store for the country in the days to come. >> the city of istanbul has been blanketed with snow, and schools have been closed for the past two days. icy conditions on roads, and many residents opted for public transportation, making for some big crowds on the metro there. this is the second big snowfall in istanbul in the past two months. >> i remember the pictures from the last big dump of snow. not a single car had no chance, and not a single person seemed to be able to walk on ice and snow. a highlight reel of people slipping and sliding in istanbul. entertaining for me, but probably not a whole lot of fun for the people there in istanbul. >> talking about the pending pulp -- dependable public services when we come back. we will look at the statistics out for the eurozone unemployment situation -
hamas as being strong prevent fattah, even israel affects their caribbean overthrowing of abbas in the west bank. >> i think the time for scoring points has gone. we need to focus on ending occupation. fatah can claim it has the biggest support and that's a and hamas to the same. we will be caught in a cycle of nothingness. we need to and occupation. that requires palestinian unity and reconciliation. let's see how it goes today. hopefully it will go smoothly. everything has been done in total coordination with hamas. this will be good for reconciliation and living in the direction of reconciliation. factions have been formed at the end of the day to end occupation in not and the will of the people. >> thank you for joining us. one of the world's top oil producers, but nigeria is still struggling to meet its daily fuel needs. an investigation into the oil industry has shown corruption. >> 9 dourou's black market fuel -- nigeria is black market fuel continues. they have to buy the fuel at higher prices from the young man peddling in on the road. why this should be happening in ni
for the rally after the deadlock in peace talks between baasbbas' administration and israel narrowed the distance between factions. >> the holiday season may be over for many humans, but for some zoo animals, christmas began on friday. elephants in the berlin's zoo were served as mistry's for lunch -- elephants in berlin's zoo were served christmas trees for lunch. zookeepers say they relish the treat. that concludes our review of the week'
coast of egypt, we saw rain pushing through the last couple days. it is going to the east. israel has seen over 80 millimeters of rain in 24 hours. the rain will continue. we're talking about parts of lebanon and syria seeing heavy rain. snow be a problem in the higher elevations. benghazi, 18 degrees. tripoli, 17 degrees. i want to take youthursday at 9. >> the top stories on al jazeera. the syrian president has offered a wide-ranging peace plan. he laid out a proposal including a reconciliation conference, a new constitution, and a new government. the australian -- a start has killed 16 people in pakistan. three taliban hideouts were targeted. reports from northern are less safe shots were fired at police. loyalists fought with officers in east belfast over the city council decision to stop flying the british union five-year round. the egyptian president has sworn in a new cabinet aimed at fixing the faltering economy. morsi has been under pressure to arrive sliding value of the currency. talk us through the changes that have been made. >> we have seen 10 new ministers brought in, t
is the priority of lawmakers. >> israel is -- of policy makers. >> netanyahu is a clear favorite to win another term in office, but he will need a coalition, and that could take the government further to the right. >> it is no wonder he is smiling. voters are almost certain to hand netanyahu another term in office. it could have made for a dull campaign were it not for the new kids on the israeli block. it has made the campaign more about personality than policy. >> he is trying to make this campaign of personal campaign on his ability to be the prime minister. yes or no, without specific questions about policy. >> it is the rise in support for the secular brand that has been dominating had been -- headlines. the story of this election has not been so much about winners and losers as it has the power of the far right parties and which one netanyahu will take to be the next coalition government. >> in october netanyahu's foreign minister announced he would run on a single ballot. he looked likely to take a larger portion of seats in the new parliament, but in the last few weeks they have been lo
fighters. israel has cracked down on the latest non-violent effort by palestinian activists to stop the ongoing expansion of jewish only settlements in the occupied west bank. on sunday, israeli troops raided a tent encampment dubbed bab al- shams. the e1 construction had largely been put on hold. is resumed work there last month in response to the u.n. vote recognizing palestine as a nonmember observer state. the activists behind bab al- shams pitched around 20 tents at the site on friday in a bid to oppose the lead a settlement growth. the palestinian legislator said palestinians are protecting the land they're entitled to for future independent palestinian state. >> it is palestinian land. we are here legally. this is nonviolent resistance. we are encountering the illegal settlements of the israelis by building on our own land. >> the inhabitant's remained there until early sunday morning when around 500 israeli forces raided the encampment and detained several people. organizers say at least six people were wounded in the crackdown. in a statement, the palestinian popular strugg
of things but oh well, i'll get in trouble. but you know you see a similarity in the situation in israel where for whatever reason justifiable by religious reasons the israelis come in and they're in the palestinian area and they, you know, the palestinians are moved out and this creates huge kinds of tension. so there's parallels when we religions are misunderstood and we have these difficulties. [female voice:] from centuries back - centuries. [dr. simons:] yes, sure. [female voice:] i think of the power that religion has had in inspiring people to create great works of art, architecture, painting. we have them from several different religions right up there. [dr. simons:] it's astounding. and, you know, i want to get you a little bit of the why question on this but when you go to - this is the dome of the rock, probably the third most holy shrine in islam right behind the wailing wall. it's back right up. if you haven't been there you don't realize how close these sites really are - but how extraordinary. you know what inspires people to create these great architectural masterpieces.
soldiers. his family says he was trying to cross into israel from the occupied west bank to find work. israeli forces opened fire. israeli military spokesman said they shot at the man according to the army's role of engagement. thousands marched in paris against legalization that would encourage adoption and marriage by same-sex couples. ♪ >> they may be dancing in the streets, but these people have serious objections to the way france is headed. they came to paris from all over the country to say that, despite what the government is planning, marriage should between -- should be between a man and woman. >> i really believe that a family is a father and a mother. it has always been like that. it does not have anything to do with religion. when you get married, you make a commitment to society to love each other, protected other -- there is a link between marriage and procreation. >> it is the prospect of gay people being able to adopt children, that has motivated so many people to protest. it has brought together conservatives, right wingers, and people from christian, jewish, and m
had set up three tents and a mobil building on friday to stop israel from seizing parts of their land. the demonstrators named their site bab al-karama. the activists said they tore up the order in the faces of its release soldiers. the in camera was raided and dismantle by its release soldiers earlier today. another palestinian encampment was removed earlier this month. rebels in colombia have announced an end to a two-month unilateral ceasefire declared peace talks with the government. revolutionary armed forces, or fork, said they would have extended the truce had the government and willing to sign an accord. a columbia rejected the pact saying farc did its ceasefire pledges multiple times. military attacks against the far can continue even after rebels and the colombian government began meeting for peace talks in cuba late last year. back in the u.s., the interior department has again delayed a regulation that would require the disclosure of chemicals used in the oil drilling process of hydraulic fracturing known as fracking. it is the second time the rule's implementation has bee
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)